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Welcome to jenflanagan.com

Thank you for visiting my website! Here you are able to learn more about me, the issues and updates for the Worcester & Middlesex State Senate District. I am proud to represent Berlin,  Bolton, Precincts 1&2 of Clinton, Fitchburg, Gardner, Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, Sterling, Townsend and Westminster.

I will continue to advocate for and protect your interests and those of my district.  Economic recovery, jobs, transportation, education, mental health, public safety, elder affairs and protecting our environment have and will always be at the forefront of my agenda.

It is no secret that Massachusetts and our nation have witnessed the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.  With dwindling resources, many decisions were extremely difficult to make; I insisted on preserving funding for our districts most basic needs.  Though we have seen some improvement in our economic outlook in Massachusetts, we have a long way to go.

We have another challenging year ahead of us and I want you to know that I am as determined as ever to make thoughtful, informed decisions that are in the best interest of my constituency.  I look forward to hearing from you about the issues that concern you and your family.

I will continue to strongly advocate for North Central Massachusetts so that our communities are an even better place to live, work and learn! Feel free to contact me at anytime at 978-466-8605 or info@jenflanagan.com.



Gardner Mayor Mark Hawke endorses Senator Jen Flanagan

Republican Mayor points to Flanagan's bipartisan collaboration, constituent service

Gardner, MA (October 16, 2014) In demonstration of their bipartisan partnership, Senator Jen Flanagan today proudly received the endorsement of Gardner's Republican Mayor Mark Hawke.

Mayor Hawke enthusiastically shared his support stating, "Senator Flanagan is a true advocate for the people of the Worcester and Middlesex District. When the City of Gardner needs assistance at the state level, I know I can count on Senator Flanagan to help advocate on our behalf and assist in guiding us through the bureaucratic maze of Beacon Hill."

Mayor Hawke and Senator Flanagan have worked together on a number of initiatives to spur economic growth in the city of Gardner. Most recently, Senator Flanagan announced $200,000 in grant money to support the expansion of New England Peptide, a manufacturing company located in Gardner's Summit Industrial Park.

"Senator Flanagan knows how to work across the aisle", Mayor Hawke remarked. "As a Republican, I know she actively listens to her constituents and community leaders, regardless of party affiliation, and that she approaches every decision determined to do what is best for our cities and towns. I hope to continue to work alongside Senator Flanagan because I know our communities will see progress with her active leadership in the Senate."

"I have found a true partner in Mayor Hawke. I am honored to receive his support in my re-election campaign and I know that if re-elected we will continue to make great strides for the city of Gardner", stated Senator Flanagan.


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